Here at Vaccination UK we offer 5 types of covid-19 tests as follows-:

  • PCR laboratory swab test
  • 15-minute antibody blood test
  • Laboratory antibody test
  • Rapid PCR on site swab test
  • Test to Release Home Covid-19 Testing

The Covid-19 PCR test will verify the presence of the covid-19 virus and can also be used for boarder entry certification. Evidence shows the PCR antigen test can detect covid-19 in people who don’t show any symptoms.

Please allow a minimum of 3-5 days for the tests to be processed and results to be confirmed. Whilst we strive to accomplish quickest turnaround times for patients, we cannot be held responsible if results are delayed at the lab.

We also offer the 15-minute antibody blood test in our clinics which detects if you have had covid-19 previously. It’s a finger prick test and results are provided within 15 minutes whilst at the clinic.

For all covid-19 tests please book online here or contact your local clinic here.

If you require a PCR test because you are travelling abroad, we recommend you keep up to date with the latest travel information on the government website here to ensure you have the most up to date information regarding your destination. Travel advice and restrictions regarding covid-19 are changing every day in the UK and abroad so be sure to keep up to date. Please allow a minimum of 3-5 days for the tests to be processed before flight departure.


Covid TestsPriceResults Within
Lateral Flow/Rapid Antigen test in clinic
(no consultation fee)
£4520 mins including certificate
Instant Covid Antibody test£7015 mins
Laboratory Antibody test£1252 working days
PCR test (To show active/inactive disease)£1493-5 working days
Covid-19 PCR test
(pre flight, Day 2, 5 & 8 PCR tests)
£100-£2653 working days
(see individual PCR costs below)

Test to Release Home Covid-19 Testing

Due to the ever changing Covid-19 requirements for travel, we recommend you visit the government website which provides the current guidelines. To access their website please click here

Test To Release Home Test KitPricesAdditional Information
Pre Flight Covid-19 test£165Courier costs are an additional fee
Day 2 PCR test£100Royal Mail postage included
Day 5 PCR test£165Royal Mail postage included
Day 2 and 8 PCR test£165Royal Mail postage included
Day 2, 5 and 8 PCR test£265Royal Mail postage included
Supervised consultation£25Clinic attendance or via Zoom

Important Information:

  • Vaccination UK cannot be held responsible for delays when receiving test results. Refunds will only be provided if our guaranteed service is used and fails.
  • In the case of no COVID-19 tests, screening or medication, a consultation fee of £50 will be applied.
  • All laboratories we use for covid-19 test results are ISO accredited.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any lab delays once the PCR home test has been sent to the lab.
  • Any inconclusive test results are the responsibility of the individual taking the home PCR test.
  • For all PCR home tests, we must have the address you will be isolating at to ensure your kits are delivered to the correct address. We cannot be held responsible for any postal delays.
  • VUK are currently at stage 3 accreditation level by UKAS to undertake PCR tests
  • We do not accept bookings from people who are arriving from Red countries. Please refer to government guidelines for the latest information